Do You Fear The Line?


While casually speaking to a friend about Something Human’s upcoming exhibition, she recommended me to take a look at a book written by Wong Shu Yun, her colleague. I would say that I found myself throughly impressed by this local literature gem. Shu Yun’s work deserves a lot more attention and  here, I’d prefer to let her personal blurb fascinate you :


In 2008, I witnessed the hopes and dreams of Nepal as it
turned from a monarchy to a republic. I was there as a jour-
nalism intern for six months — a short and a long time all
at once. By day, I wrote for a weekly newspaper. By night,
I walked down the streets of Kathmandu. For a while, I wan-
dered off to Pakistan.

What can a Singaporean learn from these foreign lands ?
Lots, apparently. After all, travel is never just about places.
What I also remember most vividly are the conversations on
love, loss, friendship, and forgiveness. So here’s the other side
of the story that has gone unreported. In ‘Do You Fear the Line?’,
every character has had to walk a distance, transcend an in
visible boundary or confront the unfamiliar.

Wong Shu Yun


Check out more on Goodreads here


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