Guest Post : Seoul

Seoul Fantastic.

Soul Good.

That’s what Seoul was and still is.



The metropolitan, bustling capital of one of the most thriving economy of Asia pacific and probably a greater part of the World.

So … what’s so enticing, exciting and gratifying about this fantabulous Soul of Seoul?
In Seoul, I hear the heart beat of the Kpop, Kwave, K culture, K food & almost anything and everything about this entity of Korea epitomizes and emits this very pure gorgeousness of 한국beauty.

An amalgamation of mass popular culture as well as breath taking natural landscape, this amazing blend of modernity along with nature bods well with my ailing Soul.

I admit that I am very Korean biased. I feel Korean at heart despite my cute pink Singaporean Identity Card and lush Red passport.

Yet my seemingly lavish praise on this astonishing land is by no means an exaggeration but actually an understatement that fails to do justice in painting this great nation.

Feature Image By Dan Case on Behance 


Text By Shawn See

Nanyang Technological University ·  2009 ·
English Literature · Singapore

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