Seth Price – Counter-Production

In the wake of technological and economic transformation during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, the image of artistic production has undergone major changes. In view of the inner constraints of a reality framed according to post-Fordism with its insistence on efficiency, flexibility, and intelligent self-management? To what extent and in what ways do artists participate in and confront contemporary conditions of global production and capital?
Some artists have responded to the changed conditions of production indirectly by pointing out their intrinsic contradictions with the use of definitions such as “productive non-production” or “non-productive production,” “counter-productive work,” or the body as site of reproduction and self-production.
One of these artists is Seth Price, born 1973 in East Jerusalem, a New York-based conceptual artist known for investigating the field of contemporary art distribution and media distribution.
He is now shown in the group show “Counter-Production” at the Generali Foundation in Vienna till the 16th of December 2012. He shows his essay Dispersion (2003) that was to later resurface as a series of screen-prints entitled Essay with Knots (2008) and the video Redistribution (2007).
Dispersion essay, 2003
Price supports his art in the era of digital media that circulates in the same way as any other information in the internet. It is free to download and to reproduce, where ever a computer user opens his website. So it is more than uncontrollable, vulnerable to manipulation, repackaged in many contexts without being regulated by them. The question remains if his art work is still worth enough to be unique in the (internet) world and not too often reproduced?
Essay with Knots, 2008
By Mirabelle v. Spreckelsen

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