We had a quick opportunity to catch up with performance artist and curator duo, Penzo + Fiore, whose work we showed last December in London.

Part of the Psychomachia work series, the installation, Games, the artists describe the installation thus,

“…as the result of an action carried out by the artists before the works’ exhibition. The five flags representing America and its four main armed forces, are well laid, framed and under a layer of glass. The glass is then broken and the pieces are reassembled with scotch tape. The instruments used to break are baseball bats, referring to the American national sport. The war and game levels are mixed together.”

Games is a tribute to Joseph Beuys in his performance “I like America and America likes me” (1974)”. With its use of baseball bats brandished as weapons to break the glass in a frame containing the American flag, referencing the popular national game, hooliganism and gang fights, as well as violence erupting in political riots, the work suggests critical commentary on American foreign policy while highlighting its structural fragility.

Watch Games

Text by Anna Viani and Annie Jael Kwan



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