Art and Psychotherapy


Art and Art Psychotherapy

Mixed media – graphite on paper, installation, collage, acrylic painting, ink on paper, 3D ceramic work and video display of time-lapse of work made during the construction of the exhibition.

This work of Goldsmiths graduates, visually examines the relationship between their training as Art Psychotherapists and their identity as artists. It examines the interplay between these identities and how these influence one another in terms of the way art work is produced and thought about. The body of the exhibition is a collaboration between five graduates and explores the theme of ‘repetition’ through individual and entwined works.

Featuring work by Alison Brown, Sofie Cottingham, Clare Hobbs, Helen Omand, Kristina Page

We last encountered Helen Omand‘s delicate, poignant cradles, in her work, Care and Neglect at W I T H (OUT) last December 2012. Tomorrow is the last day to visit the exhibition to see her new work at the Richard Hoggart Building and Whitehead Building, Goldsmiths College.




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