Next stop…ROME! MOVE W I T H (OUT) #3

After Berlin and London, the nomadic project MOVE W I T H (OUT) makes a stopover in Rome.

This time, on Saturday 13th July, the trunk will be hosted in the very central Galleria D’Arte Vista at 7.30 pm, after having being carried along the planned route from Termini Station to the gallery.

At each new destination city, the MOVE W I T H (OUT) trunk will be carried along a route that moves from a central terminal to locations of socio-cultural significance, whereby the travelling exhibition is opened for short periods. This perambulation references parallel migratory paths already taken.

In Rome, before arriving the gallery, the trunk will follow the same route millions do every day – tourists, wanderers, street vendors (and often illegal immigrants): Termini Station – Via Cavour – Fori Imperiali. Come walk along with us.

Also on the same evening at Galleria D’Arte Vista, the opening of Colette Murphy’s exhibition, “Gone to Ground,” a painting exhibition brought by Emerson Gallery Berlin. Murphy creates work combining bits of politics, social criticism and personal memories.



Follow the trunk’s journey at:


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