Belgrade-based artist, writer and illustrator Ksenija Pantelić is the first resident at D.E.A.R. (Digital Engagement Artist Residency) , an online artist platform that accompanies Something Human’s programme of work.

Ksenija’s residency relates to MOVE WIT H (OUT), Something Human nomadic project that will stop over in Belgrade next month.

From 1st to 30th November, drawing upon her own life experience of crossing borders and rebuilding identity, the artist will investigate key issues of the project such as longing and belonging, identity, the tensions of existing and navigating in the ‘middle space’.

‘I plan to explore my city […] I would use my own writings, video and audio recordings that would document different stories that come out of these meetings and spaces. I would always focus on asking the question- Is this home? Where is home? Do I /You feel at home? What are we waiting for and what do we need?… ‘

The artist will also engage with migrants that moved from Belgrade to other cities such as Toronto, Vienna, Zagreb… to have ‘the look from the distance as once I was’.

This year Ksenija has been the first blogger in residence for the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg and Something Human is pleased to have her as first D.E.A.R. artist.

From 1st November 2013, follow Ksenija Pantelić’s residency here.

KP image 5


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