Belgrade MOVE W I T H(OUT) #5

For its fifth instalment, the nomadic project MOVE W I T H(OUT) stops in Belgrade where artist Ana Rodić will engage with both the city and the trunk performing ‘CITY nomad WI FI open AURA Foursquare on me’.

After Berlin, London, Rome and Venice, on Saturday 30th November the trunk will be hosted in Belgrade at Remont Gallery at 5.00pm, after having being carried along the planned route from the main Railway Station to the gallery.

Is it possible to call yourself a city nomad even if you only live in your (birth place) own city? Or do you have to move, or wait for those who are moving, to refresh and update you?

Using these questions as a starting point, Belgrade-based artist Ana Rodić investigates the contemporary nomadic condition in physical spaces and their movement to the digital sphere. Wearing a custom-designed dress and bespoke WIFI necklace, Ana will gather her ‘nomadic tribe’ by becoming a mobile source of free wi-fi and a FOURSQUARE checkpoint. She allows worldwide communications to move through her personal space and becomes a locus point for passersby, while crossing spaces of physical significance for people that live in Belgrade such as the Zeleni Venac Market. Her research on offline/online meaning of relationships and community will end with her performance as a totemic internet hub at Remont Gallery.

Saturday 30th November|12pm-3pm Belgrade route |5pm Remont Gallery

Follow the trunk’s journey at:

Belgrade stopover has been realised in collaboration with:

Remont Logo

REMONT Independent Artistic Association is an organisation of art historians and artists which gather actors of contemporary art practices of all ages with a special focus on the upcoming generation. Through exhibitions, publishing, education, counselling, information and advocacy activities, the association seeks to generate, document and promote the development of innovative artistic practice such that the arts sector may ask questions and propose solutions to cultural institutions and other public policies that are related to and contribute to the decentralization of culture in Serbia and the establishment of regional and international cultural cooperation.


Tatjana Kuburović is an architect by education. An illustrator and designer by trade. Owner and Creative director of the Superheroine A Lass with Class Design Brand STREETWEAR & HOMEWEARE, her mission is to inspire the everyday IT can wake you up, put you to sleep, free your dreams and take you out to town.

gama2 logoGAMA Electronics Bits Internet Service Provider began in April 1993 to connect Serbia to the ‘information highway’. Today it owns three Ethernet links to the Internet with a system designed to prevent congested links.



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