#6 Beyond Europe: MOVE W I T H (OUT) Singapore

After its stopovers in Berlin, London, Rome, Venice and Belgrade, the nomadic project  Move W I T H (OUT) continues eastwards across the globe to the island state of Singapore.

On Saturday 18th January, from 11am to 6pm, utilizing various old and new forms of transport to reflect the Singapore’s transition from fishing port to state of the art metropolis, the trunk will be carried along a route starting from a jetty on Kallang River. Accompanied by local live artist, Malvina Tan as Citizen Of, this journey traces the paths of old migrants arriving from the Singapore River, marks out historical and cultural spaces around The Arts House to Sculpture Square on Middle Road, past historic Arab Street, to arrive at Aliwal Arts Centre for the Urban Art Party, in conjunction with Art Week 2014

Citizen Of, is a new live work created in response to MOVE W I T H (OUT), where performance artist becomes sociologist-cartographer, seeking and obtaining the routes of everyday Singaporeans to create a work that traces and also questions our sense of territoriality.

“Issues of who belongs, are becoming more significant in Singapore. Many Singaporeans often assume other people are intruding into our territory. Yet at the same time, how much does that sense of territory defines us?  Should we feel privileged that we have authority over an apparent ownership of that territory? 

Often, I question the definition of “home”- I wonder what makes a place so desirable that one would consider permanent residency.” Malvina Tan

Hosted at

12.30 – 1.30 pm The Arts House

3.30 – 4.00 pm Sculpture Square

4.30 – 9.00 pm Aliwal Arts Centre

With the support of

NAC logo

In partnership with

  TAH logo_colour1  Aliwal_Maroon     PANTONE 8520 CVV, metallic ink SSQlogo2008 copy

With thanks to

A for Arbite


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