Q&A: Ana Rodić


Something Human: MOVE MOVE W I T H (OUT) and you. How does the project relate to your practice?

Ana Rodić: From the beginning of the collaboation, every key word about this project made me feel like I belonged to it. And when you feel like you belong to an artistic community and you share their ideas, it is not so hard to contribute and give something from yourself to it. So the key concept of “sharing” was something that stayed on my mind, and I felt the need to share as well this kick I got from the people gathered around the MOVE WITH(OUT) project. So I shared it, spread it, and did it loudly on both spaces – the internet where where I first connected with the project and the community, and then on the streets of Belgrade where we walked together with the trunk full of artworks collected from the different cities where the trunk has stopped.

Something Human: MOVE W I T H (OUT) and Belgrade. How did the audience respond to the project?

Ana Rodić: On the streets, passersby were shy, a little scared and wanted to avoid any communication with something new and strange. At the market, everybody was open, but reluctant to participate directly in the project. The audience at the Remont gallery were, on the other hand, very engaged, asking many questions about the trunk and the works in it. This says, in my opinion, that the people in Belgrade need what’s happening at the Remont!


Something Human: Your performance, CITY nomad WI FI open AURA Foursquare on me started from the Belgrade main station to conclude at the Remont Gallery, alongside the final display of trunk. In your opinion, what is the role of online platforms in shaping offline communities?

Ana Rodić: It is middle passage between two worlds, and it is magical, and endless.

Something Human: The art system is a global network. With your performance you highlighted the relationship between the international and the local meanings of being a Belgrade-based artist. How would you describe the Serbian contemporary art scene?

Ana Rodić: Lot of creative potential, no money.

Something Human: In the description of your performance you wrote: ‘Is it possible to call yourself a city nomad even if you only live in your (birth place) own city? Or do you have to move, or wait for those who are moving, to refresh and update you?’ How would you reply now to your own questions?

Ana Rodić: Being a nomad is an inner feeling. Moving is searching. We are searchers.

Something Human: We are approaching the end of the year. What are your projects in 2014?

Ana Rodić: Finishing my new book, first thing. Then I’ll be trying to find a way to do my next live art project in London. To move with these, and then out of it. Then to make one step back from it and think about it…

1454862_616519428384987_1173249647_nphotos by alikati

Ana Rodić


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