Playing on Deptford’s historic location as a crossroads for traders, adventurers, wanderers and pilgrims, in collaboration with the Deptford Society, this project for a trail of exciting site-specific live performance interjections took place along the culturally diverse High Street on 7 December 2013.

A playful twist on the iconic first sentence in Italo Calvino’s literary work opened up an exploration of meta-reading, reception and the narrative struggle, and inspired ‘performances of tales’ told by  fellow travellers met at points of rest, food and drink, full of discovery, myth and falsehood.

This one-day event unfolded across various sites along Deptford High Street, from the Carribean takeaway to the Vietnamese grocery store, and aimed to temporarily reclaim urban and commercial spaces as sites for performative story-making. Live performance artists engaged the local community and attracted visitors from other areas in discovering the increasingly lively heart of Deptford.


Donna Combe
Sally Labern
Lorena Lo Pena
Megan Miao
Suwanna Promtangtrakul
Jennifer Williams

This project was created for the Deptford Society, with the kind support of the Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency and local partners including A2Z Furniture, Chaconia, Deli X, Deptford Lounge, Lai Loi and Red Carpet Boutique.


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