Alice Feldman

Alice Feldman (School of Sociology, University College Dublin) draws on — what no doubt appears to many as a Frankensteinianly transdisciplinary variety of traditions to mobilise decolonial praxes that intervene in the global colonial legacies underpinning the current necropolitical moment. Her work inheres through critical explorations and experiments at the intersections of radical aesthetics, epistemologies and pedagogies.

In research terms this currently involves troubling Irish and European colonial amnesias, particularly when it comes to migrants arriving from the Global South, by re/entangling Irish and Nigerian diasporic histories through archive-assemblage practice. In teaching/learning contexts it means using aesthesic pedagogies and assignments to support students’ self-directed journeys around and through light topics such as decoloniality and onto-epistemology, aest-ethics and reflexivity, interpretive research and research justice. Ultimately her work is all about convoking and occasioning encounters that might inspire and make manifest imagining, being and doing ‘other-wise’.

Over the past two decades, she has worked in research, advisory and volunteer capacities with many civic, community and other organisations in Ireland involved in anti-racism, migration and interculturalism work. She has recently launched a new masters programme on Race, Migration and Decolonial Studies and a Decolonising the Curriculum Platform at UCD

Re/Entangling Irish and Nigerian Diasporas: Colonial Amnesias, Decolonial Aesthetics and Archive-Assemblage Praxis (forthcoming 2018)