Since graduating from University of Architecture in Venice, Adolfina De Stefani has been active in the art sector since the second half of the 60s in many disciplines and is nowadays involved in various projects and collaborations.

She loves to explore every kind of space and building, from galleries to industrial containers, archaeological factories, or wherever she finds any explicit references to the contemporary art. Her work rises from reflections about the language of  visual arts, with particular reference to the use of multimedia in order to create new relationships between space, time, images, sounds, and public performance.  She tries to light up the phenomenon of the body as a fundamental element of the performance combining in her gestures all her imaginary. From urban landscape to traces of imaginary stories, she creates through inner thoughts emotional experiences and a pure nostalgia for a balanced future.

Starting with a project entitled “Geography, ALICe!”, in November 2012 she became the director of 3D GALLery involving artists from different backgrounds and promoting a series of groups and individual exhibitions.


Artist Website:

Something Human project/s: MOVE W I T H (OUT)


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