Bill Psarras is a Greek artist and musician. After completing his BA and MA (University of the Arts) studies in audiovisual & digital arts, he is currently a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths University of London, doing research on the urban emotional geographies through walking as art and media arts. His work has been exhibited in international festivals (Europe, USA, Australia) and group exhibitions (Greece, UK) highlighted by the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, ROOMS 2013 exhibition as well as Visual Dialogues 2013 of Onassis Cultural Centre. He has published in international conferences and journals (ISEA 19th, Hybrid City, Emotional Geographies e.t.c.)


Weaving Footsteps and Confessions (2013, 17’09″)

This audiovisual map is derived from the Emotive Circle walking series, created by the artist. The walking artwork was realised in the surrounding areas of Lycabettus mount, in Athens (Greece). The artist walked and talked with a co-walker, marking a circular route in that central location of the city.  The intention was to “weave,” with his physical steps and conversations, what has been divided socially, while also “eavesdropping” on the emerging social vibrations of Athens in crisis.

Something Human projects:
Something Human at the Terminal


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