Caroline Christie is a Glasgow–based artist trained in 3D design at Central St Martins School of Art in London and initially worked as a theatre designer often on site-specific projects. Caroline went on to focus on fine art and photography practice with a particular interest in small-scale histories captured in domestic items, found objects and overlooked landscapes. Alongside this she has 13 years experience as a state registered art therapist working with children and young people, setting up, facilitating and supervising many therapy projects as well as providing training and consultancy for organisations in the UK, Nepal and Afghanistan. She currently works in Glasgow as a senior therapist for a therapeutic foster care organisation.

Bobby Lloyd is a London-based visual artist trained in Fine Art in the mid 1980’s in Oxford, Glasgow and Chicago. Her work explores ideas that interrogate the edges of often contested places and communities, as well as the importance of connectedness to place in people’s lives. She regularly responds to commissioned briefs for site-specific work and is currently co-lead artist director of the drawing shed, an arts organisation that uses mobile studios to deliver socially engaged arts projects on two housing estates in E17, across London and the UK. Also trained as an art therapist, she has over two decades of experience working directly with people in contexts of social exclusion, deprivation and upheaval, as well as in training, teaching and consultation, often under the project Art Therapy Initiative (ATI) and as far a-field as South Africa, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, The Netherlands, Israel and Nepal. She is currently Chair of trustees for the charity Art Refuge UK.

BobbyLloyd.Fridge mountain.Olmypics

Christie and Lloyd began collaborating together out of a shared curiosity in changeable territories in East London that connected with their independent experiences of working within other unpredictable urban environments outside of the UK. Their work builds on their respective art practices in which they have both used photography over a number of years. In 2004 they established On Site Arts as a non-profit arts organisation through which to explore the crossover between different models of photographic practice and the way in which artists can traverse a range of settings and agendas. Up to the point when the Olympic park area was closed to the public in 2007 they worked on two parallel projects in East London’s Olympic area, the first involving Christie and Lloyd’s practice as artists responding to the changing physical landscape, and the second involving photographic projects with communities since relocated as a result of the Olympics building programme, such as Irish Traveller and Romany Gypsy communities. Christie and Lloyd have together staged many exhibitions in vans, caravans, galleries, museums, outside law courts, on hoardings and on the streets. OLMYPICS is the last expression of their practice as On Site Arts and was distributed during the London Olympics in 2012.

Artists website

Something Human project: MOVE W I T H (OUT)


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