Daniel grew up in London, studied fine art at Central Saint Martins and has remained in the city ever since. His early ink drawing work was heavily influenced by the city and the people in it.

After leaving University Daniel began to work in galleries, helping Studio Voltaire and Cubitt set up and develop education programmes, and working with the learning departments of various galleries including Tate, Whitechapel, South London Gallery, and the Hayward Gallery.

As well as writing interpretation and developing resources to allow people explore collections and exhibitions, Daniel often works directly with the public helping them make their own interpretations of artwork. This working process has fed directly back into his own practice where he investigates the way we use knowledge and experience to make personal interpretations of artwork, objects and the world. Utilising his work with groups of people of all ages and his role in working with the  education and participation teams directly for a variety of galleries and museums, he has developed his work by helping people to explore concepts, generate ideas and make personal interpretations. At the heart of this exploration are the intentions of artists and makers and their context within cultures and history. Daniel’s practice explores his processes of researching and archiving, and focuses on what can give an individual inspiration to make their own thoughts and ideas tangible.

Artist website

Something Human project: W I T H (OUT)


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