Hav­ing recently moved to Lon­don, Matthew McGuin­ness (orig­i­nally from Brook­lyn, New York) has shown widely on both sides of the Atlantic. A chef as well as an artist, his kitchen is a source of inspi­ra­tion and a stu­dio. The kitchen and the shared expe­ri­ence of cook­ing and eat­ing is the start­ing point for Matthew’s recent prac­tice. In 2011 he has had a solo show, Who Does Not Work, Does Not Love, at Bear­space gallery in Dept­ford. In early 2012, he launched his mural project Gour­man­diz­ing with The Peck­ham Space and Perse­po­lis for Through the Peck­ham Glass, a group show invit­ing artist to engage with shop keep­ers and com­mu­nity. He was recently short listed for the Salon Art Prize 2011.



Artist website

Something Human project: W I T H (OUT)


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