Ines von Bonhorst was originally from Portugal but has been based in London for the last 9 years.

Her work often explores notions of identity, form, human limit within the physical and mental realm, and our relationship with society using the subconscious, surrealism and the notion of the ‘counterfeit of being’.

She loves to play with juxtaposing the deceptive aspects of performance art, theater, circus, with ‘life’ itself, exploring ideas that the boundaries between the two realities often overlap Von Bonhorst uses space, architecture and mood as elements to tell a story or represent the sensations evoked by the location itself.

Many of her works try to create a spatial relationship between participants. She tries to create a connection between the real and the fictitious, and aims to provoke real-life psychological sensations such as anxiety, fear, love, claustrophobia and so on. She aims to use her video installations in a way that the audience can gain a new insight into their own idea of existence. Von Bonhorst’s works often come as a result of extensive collaboration between different artists, such as composers, performers and visual artists.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 20.22.22 copy

Impetus 2


Seconds, minutes and hours move in an unalterable routine. The concrete and metal landscape contradicts the light and the sky. A woman stands at the border of the city. She holds within the pressure of the human condition – her movement are represented as out of step with the pace of the city. The city moves slowly. It transforms and never dies. Its people, however, are born, grow up, grow old and die. They are inside the cycle of time, though they too suffer a transformation – each second is different from the one before. What was yesterday is not today. What is today will not be tomorrow. Yesterday has gone. Today is and tomorrow is yet to come. Yet time is said to have no holiday. It exists always. Impetus is a circle where life and death meet in the same place.

Artist website

Something Human project: MOVE W I T H (OUT)


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