Jason Wee

Master Plan (Plan and Detail), Painted Wood, Lights - Jason Wee

Jason Wee is an artist and a writer. He runs Grey Projects, an artist-run platform and venue for exchange, exhibition and publication (greyprojects.org). In his art practice, he transforms our mutable interpretations of history and space into various visual and written materials.

He was a Studio Fellow at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, and most recently is an artist-in-residence at C.A.J. Residency in Saitama, Japan and Gyeonggi Creation Centre, Korea. He studied at The New School and Harvard University.

Tongues book
He is the author of the nonfiction chapbook ‘My Suit’, and co-author with Sean Tobin of the play ‘Tongues’. He is an editor of Softblow Poetry Journal.
This story I thought I was writing is one of a protagonist who is clever enough to cover his narrative flaws with a guise of attractive surfaces, each light and smooth-flowing fabric a symbol of an ease with the world, carefully woven in place so that the unreliability of the narrator, while perceptible, remains admirably camouflaged. The story my clothes were telling is a different one.
Something Human project: Move W I T H (OUT)

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