Lucía Lopez

Lucía Lopez, also know as Lulu Loco or La Loca is a fictional Latin Grammy Award-Winning hip hop singer. Lucía Lopez was born in Hispañola, the capital of Hispañia on January 18, 1986. She became involved with the city’s thriving musical scene as a teenager. The daughter of a hairdresser, she describes herself as being from a poor background, saying, “I didn’t grow up with luxury, but I never missed a meal either.” At age seventeen, she performed onstage for the first time, and adopted the stage name Lulu Loco.

After a hazardous trip across La Frontera she is now based in La City where her musical career continues to thrive. Her work is greatly influenced by reggaeton music. Her songs often discuss issues such as migration, poverty, identity politics and female empowerment.