Marija Milosevska is a Skopje-based artist. After completing her studies in ethnology and anthropology, she focused her practice on the medium of the filigree exploring this technique through various media and, since 2009, also through performances presented both in Skopje and Vienna. For Marija ‘the process of bringing into life a material is the key inspiration. Starting from the permanence of the matter, through enlivening form and content, to the very end, when the work of art lives and possesses love and energy’. In 2011 ‘OROROK – cold wire molten into hot rhythm‘, the touring exhibition of her filigree works inspired by ex-Yugoslavian rock music, was presented in Skopje, Rijeka, Gevgelija, and Ljubljana. As a designer Marija was also part of a team that realised the documentary about the rock films festival ‘DORF’ in Vinkovci, Croatia, and in 2012 she presented her first documentary ‘Silver Song‘, which was presented at numerous festivals. Marija is currently attending the masters program of cultural studies at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities and is working on her research of the creative industries.


Marija Miloshevska

Artist website

Something Human project: MOVE W I T H (OUT)


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