Mauro De Giorgi is an Italian London-based artist who likes to experiment with all the facets of imagery and subconscious. His practice of art is a constant attempt to achieve balance and purity. After a trip to Japan, in the pursuit of a true art form where art meets spirituality, he found the Shodo, the Japanese Calligraphy, and its spiritual expression, Zen calligraphy. Since then the brush has become an unceasing source of inspiration.

To create his drawings he has to be in union with the true self, as each brush stroke springs from a certain state of mind and it’s only one-shot and unrepeatable. It is a moving meditation, an attitude of directness and unselfconsciousness in one’s creative work. His working methods can be rapid or deliberately painstaking. The human imprecision and the uniqueness of each drawing aim to challenge the seriality and accuracy of the digital world. Mauro draws with the fude (筆) – a special Japanese brush made with horse hair – and the sumi (墨) – a black ink made from soot of burned oil or pine wood.

in the wood

ocean child 2

Artist website

Something Human project: MOVE W I T H (OUT)


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