The Dancing Plague

Nicholas McArthur’s practice transects a variety of media from drawing, to sound, installation to performance. He creates immersive environments, which then become contexts for events, ceremonies and narratives.  He is particularly involved with post-apocalyptic visions of the near future and his work is a continuous attempt to reconstitute systems of beliefs amidst the entropic drive of the present.

It is in these prismatic and conflicting realities of late capitalism that his work finds its form- fluctuating between scenes from a destitute and demoralized world with that of a morally indeterminate present. It is the function of his practice to bring these disordered visions together, to make real that a shopping bag can kill or that bleach is our true holy water.

His practice focuses on individuals who are coming to terms with various forms of isolation and their journeys towards salvation, deliverance and atonement. It is a process of cognitive mapping, of visually representing psychological states.

His work has been shown widely at galleries and festivals across the UK and Europe, including: Reactor, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, EEC Platform and most recently in my solo exhibition WE MUST EAT THE WASTE at Elevator Gallery, London 2012.  His work has received acclaim in reviews in The Guardian Newspaper, Nottingham Visual Art and London City Nights. He is currently an associate artist at Chisenhale Dance Space and has curated events at the Horse Hospital.  A book of his drawings was published by CoveredInToner in 2012.


Artist website

Something Human project: Freshly Packed / Always Check the Label


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