Nina Feldman (1983) is a multi-disciplinary artist trained in performance making, physical theatre and stage design. In her native South Africa she developed an enthusiasm for performance that is driven by the body in space and has political and social weight. After achieving distinction in her undergraduate degree from WITS University (2006) she came to London to pursue her ambition to challenge what performance means in today’s cultural landscape. She has experience in diverse fields such as music and lighting and brings these skills into her performance making. In 2010 she graduated with distinction from the MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths University and continues to create performance work both in collaboration and as a solo artist.

2012 saw her achieve her first Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England for the project Hands Across The Sea (The Yard Theatre, July 2012), through which she continues to explore communication with audiences in time and space and using performance to bring people together to think in new ways.

In addition to her performance work, Nina is developing a fine arts practice that runs in parallel to her performance practice. Having exhibited this work (Practicing Space/Performing your Landscape– A collaborative Practice Based Exhibition at the Steven Lawrence Trust, London Feb-March 2011, Hands Across The Sea Exhibition at The Yard Theatre, July 2012), it continues to grow and become a central aspect of her creative process. Nina has recently been involved in structuring a community interaction program for The Yard Theatre and continues to work on developing a sustainable model for how local communities can be included and gain experience in performance projects.

Artist website

Something Human project/s: W I T H (OUT) – MOVE W I T H (OUT)


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