The Huddle are the Southbank Centre’s visual art youth group who meet regularly to produce artworks and events in response to Hayward Gallery exhibitions and Southbank Centre Festivals, often working directly with invited artists and arts professionals. Artists Davina Drummond and Daniel Wallis coordinate the group. The W I T H (OUT) exhibition was a chance for the Huddle to see some of Daniels artwork on display, and to meet a team of curators working in a very different setting to those which they had worked with before.

Something Human invited the Huddle to make a work in response to the exhibition that could appear as an artwork on their exhibition website. A key feature of the pop-up exhibition space, Brockspace, and some of the artwork on display was organisation – how artists store and access their ideas, research their work and their work itself. This led the group into an exploration of their own homes and the way they organise their personal lives within their domestic settings.

The resulting work is a series of images that in one way reflect their own personalities, but in another appear to appeal to a generic persona through their advertisement-style aesthetics. The words that appear on the images stem from a key word about how objects in each image are organised. Using a thesaurus a synonym for this word is found, layered onto the image using an aesthetic judgement to organise its placement. Next a synonym for this new word is found and the process repeats over and over.

Names of artists:

Polly, Nishi, Yeeun, Eva, Ian, Annie, Daniel, Davina, Rhian


Something Human project/s: W I T H (OUT) – MOVE W I T H (OUT)


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