I’m With You

Performance: Gorge:Fruit

Gorge is a performance and a meal and a conversation. The project brings bodies around a table for a messy, politically charged encounter with other eating bodies. It is a format I’m With You is developing to think about some things we care about quite a lot: queerness and kinship, domesticity and work, excess and etiquette. It’s ‘gorge’, like gorge yourself silly, until the gorge rises, and like: that’s gorge, babez.

In this fourth iteration of Gorge, we think about fruit – sticky sweet and sharply tart; the construction of the ‘exotic’ and global transport; heady, intoxicating and just plain fruity. During the CCLAP symposium, a series of 10-15 minute Gorge interventions will burst and spurt throughout the day. With guest performance makers Pete Cant and Alex Eisenberg.


I’m With You is Christa Holka, R. Justin Hunt and Johanna Linsley, with a rotating set of collaborators. The project began in the back garden of the house we shared in London. Queer domesticity is the connecting thread for IWY and the events we create always reflect this interest, whether it’s in established venues like the Hayward Gallery or Rivington Place, or in the privacy of someone else’s home.


photo by Christa Holka



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