Ines Von Bonhorst


Originating from Portugal, Ines von Bonhorst is currently based in London. Since reading Film & TV production at Westminster University, she has worked as director, producer and video artist for over a decade. Her work ranges from documentaries, long form and short films, experimental films and video art installations, produced in the UK, Portugal and at various locations around the world.

Her films and video art explore notions of identity, form, the human limit within a physical and mental realm, and its relationship with society. while blurring the boundaries between the conventions of performance art, theatre, circus and live intervention. Many of her works create an awareness of the spatial relationship between participants, a connection between the real and the fictitious, and re-enact feelings such as anxiety, fear, love and claustrophobia. Often collaborative in nature, her practice seeks partnerships with artists in other disciplines such as composers, performers and visual artists.

Something Human projects: MOVE W I T H (OUT), From East to the Barbican



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