Lorena Lo Peña

 Performance: Beauty Hurts

Historically women have had to submit themselves to social and cultural beauty standards and consequent practices, undergoing many tortuous ‘treatments’ to fulfill them. This performance piece confronts us with some of the issues of imposed feminine beauty ideals.

In a corner of the space, a small beauty salon has been set; inside the performer will receive live a pelvic waxing session, co-performed by a beautitioner. A projection of a video compilation of men and women going through painful waxing experiences is set near the pop-up beauty salon. This spa/beauty demonstration performance questions socially imposed beauty standards and the historically repressed female image and body. The audience will witness a public waxing demonstration where they will have to choose between peeking on to see this demonstration, just listen or leave.”


As an artist I investigate, explore and create performance art pieces within the topics of gender, identity and body politics; I use an autobiographical approach, as the core of my work derives from a personal need. My practice develops along my personal life/journey, and the questions arising from it. My explorations travel through the liminality between physical theatre, body art, interactive and multimedia arts. In my practice, the body (‘my body’) is the canvas and clay in which I express my thoughts.  I understand costume, objects, videos, sound and other artifacts as an extension of the embodied experience, as a projection of the body, the self and its experiences.


photo by Gonzalo Fernández



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