Mary Paterson

Talk: Something Other

Something Other (SO) is a research project that explores the relationships between digital space and live performance. SO is funded by Arts Council England and developed by Mary Paterson in collaboration with the journalist Maddy Costa and the creative technologist Ross Miller.

For CLAAP, Mary will introduce the themes of the project in the context of the rites of digital space, including the functions of memory, attention and the gaze in relationship to digital technology. How does digital technology affect the role of the critic/ observer, and the technology of language itself? How are digital communications insinuated into our lives and how does this affect our relationship with knowledge? What is the nature of intimacy, presence and identity in networked space?

3. SO home page

Mary Paterson is a writer and curator working across live art, performance and text. Her writing practice is concerned with meaning, memory and the material of language. Her curatorial practice is concerned with social organization, value and identity. She is the co-founder of Open Dialogues, a writing collaboration that explores writing on and as performance. Mary is currently an Associate Artist at Rajni Shah Projects, where she is developing Lying Fallow, a series of events that explore the aesthetics of non-production. In 2014 she launched Something Other (funded by ACE) to research the relationships between digital space and live performance.

photo by Mary Paterson


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