D.E.A.R. Digital Engagement Artist Residency

Something Human has launched a digital engagement artist residency to accompany its programme of activities and is calling for artists and creative practitioners to apply.

Each artist chosen for the residency will use Something Human online platforms as the location to engage with a parallel Something Human project.

The aim of the Digital Engagement Artist Residency is to support artists’ creative use of online systems, to activate creative ideas, present work to wider audiences and engage in cross-cultural dialogues about their work.

Key Objectives of the D.E.A.R.

To support the development of innovative projects which encourage engagement and creativity with web technologies.

To facilitate sharing artist work with a wider international audience.

To foster dialogue and exchange between artists, curators and the public.

For more information click here.

Curated by Alessandra Cianetti and Annie Jael Kwan

FIRST RESIDENT | Ksenija Pantelić | 1st – 30th November 2013 | D.E.A.R. online platform

SECOND RESIDENT | Miao Hanqing | 13 January – 7 March 2014 | D.E.A.R. online platform

THIRD RESIDENT | Ana Rodić | 25 April – 25 July 2014 | D.E.A.R. online platform

FOURTH RESIDENT | Calvin Tan | 15 August – 15 October 2014 | D.E.A.R. online platform




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