FRESHLY PACKED / ALWAYS CHECK THE LABEL is a programme  of live art interventions performed in public spaces that took place across various sites in London from May – August 2013, exploring themes surrounding notions of the biological, corporeal, flesh, food, sustenance and mortality.

This open call series began with American performance artist, Anya Liftig, whose work Consider the Lobster, was hosted at a community table in the heart of Deptford’s bustling Saturday market. This was followed by a series of responsive interventions to paintings that included animals at Tate Britain, the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery.

Next up were performances by London-based Nicholas McArthur and Robert Molloy Vaughan in suburban Brockley, and Peruvian artist Lorena Lo Peña and Singaporean artist Malvina Tan at Deptford Lounge.

Please be advised that this video contains content that deals with difficult subjects including killing of animals, eating disorders, body issues, disease and death, and could be triggering for those who have related issues.

With thanks to cueB Gallery, Deptford Community Cookbook and Deptford Lounge.


11th May | Anya Liftig:  Consider the Lobster at Deptford Market | 12th MayAll the Animals in the British Museum

Q&A: Catching up with Anya Liftig

Read Alessandra Cianetti’s GUEST POST: Body, action, food, flesh

Artist bio


photo by Annie Jael Kwan

4th June | Nicholas McArthur and Robert Molloy Vaughan: The Dancing Plague of 1518 at cueB Gallery

Q&A:  Further to The Dancing Plague

Artist bio

photo by Annalisa Giordano

photo by annie jael kwan

17th August | Lorena Lo Peña:   Eat to Live at  Deptford Lounge

Q&A with Lorena Lo Peña

Artist bio

photo by ac

photo by annie jael kwan

31st August | Malvina Tan: 130912 (if i can’t love you, it will kill meat Deptford Lounge

Q&A with Malvina Tan

Artist bio


photo by annie jael kwan


Freshly Packed
Project concept: Annie Jael Kwan
Curated by Annie Jael Kwan and Alessandra Cianetti
Curatorial Assistant: Anna Viani

Design by Simone Ruth
Photos by Annie Jael Kwan and Malvina Tan

With thanks to Deptford Cookbook, cueB Gallery and Deptford Lounge.

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