FRESHLY PACKED: 130912 (if i can’t love you, it will kill me) by Malvina Tan


What is distance when there is love? Is there an end if love connects us?

Something Human in partnership with Deptford Lounge presents 130912 (if i can’t love you, it will kill me) a performance by Singaporean live artist Malvina Tan, as part of Something Human’s FRESHLY PACKED\ALWAYS CHECK THE LABEL series of live performance works.

130912 (if i can’t love you, it will kill me) explores the struggle of facing mortality in a loved one, and as a reflection, in ourselves. Does love, as a human emotion and affect, have the power to challenge the concept of distance, both physical or metaphysical?

Using Skype technology and video imagery, this performance is based on the artist’s relationship with her muse who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The performance depicts when the diagnosis first came to light, when they were physically separate across continents, portraying how with our new technologies, empathy and isolation across distance can both be simultaneously be experienced.

The performance then explores the concept of sacrifice, as referencing a biblical act of transaction against mortality, and ultimately shares the agony in the paradox of the human experiences of love and death.

Taking place in a darkened room at Deptford Lounge, this powerful and moving performance is transmitted via Skype, video and the audience is invited to relay their message to the artist. This intimate, charged environment transforms this community space into shared experience of the ephemeral present.

Saturday 31th August 2013, 12pm
At Deptford Lounge
9 Giffin Square, London SE8 4RJ
Duration: 20 minutes

Facebook Event.

Suitable for older audiences.

Malvina is one of Singapore’s most exciting young performance artists. While currently pursuing her degree studies in Interactive Media at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media, she has participated in numerous artist projects and exhibitions both in southeast Asia and Europe.
Artist website

Deptford Lounge is an innovative community hub offering a wide range of amenities that includes performance space and leisure facilities. Designed by innovative Pollard Thomas Edwards architects (PTEa), who specialise in the creation of new neighbourhoods and the revitalisation of existing communities, it is at the heart of regeneration in SE8. Situated within Giffin Square, the Lounge offers the community a new and versatile space for all to use and enjoy.



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