“Outside and inside are both intimate – they are always ready to be reversed to exchange their hostility. If there exists a border-line surface between such an inside outside, this surface is painful on both sides.”

Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space


Set within the residential space of a flat in a converted Victorian terrace, WITH(OUT) is a multimedia exhibition that brings together an interdisciplinary selection of artworks such as mixed media, installation film, performance, talks and workshops, romanticising the idea of  “home”.

In an increasingly unstable global economic landscape, and drawing upon polynational understandings of the living space, the exhibition explores the ambivalent relationship between the interior and the exterior that plays out over issues such as identity, borders and migration, belonging and longing, the tensions of navigating between the different spheres.

We invite you in, though by crossing the threshold and entering, you are at once dissipating its boundaries and embarking a journey within and without.

Will you wipe your feet on your way in?

What residue of the exterior world will you bring in with you?

PressStatement_W I T H (OUT)

Read Elizabeth Tan’s GUEST POST here

Catch a glimpse of W I T H (OUT) screening programme here




Nobuhiro Kobayashi, Annie Jael Kwan, Simone Ruth, Mirabelle Spreckelsen and Anna Viani

Creative Producer

Annie Jael Kwan

Production Team

Nobuhiro Kobayashi

Anna Viani

Project Accounts

Nobuhiro Kobayashi


Simone Ruth

Publicity Assistant

Mirabelle Spreckelsen

Exhibition Photography

Arianna Grosso

Annie Jael Kwan

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